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Windstone Sunstone Retl's Status Updates

I am Retl! I'm also known as Travisuped, Kilo, or Half. If someone claims to be me and I'm not linking to it on this page, don't assume it's me! Ask me! (Through a site on this page, or through my gmail.) Click the icons to get to other parts of my sites, or look below for external links where you can get in contact with me.


Last Updated: 22 February 2012
*Add me on PSN if you like. I'm "Retlverse".
[Retl @ Reddit (Added 22/February 2012)] - I'm kinda growing to like reddit. Please note that my reddit contains references to a lot of things that are explicit in nature. You have been warned. [Retl @ RDN (Added 8/April/2011)] - I joined Rainbowdash.net as a trail after seeing a link pop up on Equestria Daily. Pretty much going to have the same MLPFiM content there that would normally have went to my Twitter.
[Retl @ Blogger] - I've been spending a lot of time commenting on Equestria Daily posts and reading the fanfics. So you might find me around on EqD every once in a while.
[Retl @ deviantArt] - I'm thinking of shifting here to fit with the name change. I'm more of a lurker than a submitter there right now, though. Should get more active.
[Travisuped @ deviantArt] - This is the first online art gallery I ever worked with. I still upload things there from time to time, but it's not very common.
[Travisuped @ SheezyArt] - This gallery came later. I followed a friend over to Sheezy, and stayed their for the music submissions for a brief while. This bit of my work was put together during an emotionally rough time of my life and is filled with teen angst. It is currently abandoned.
[Travisuped @ Fur Affinity] - Yep, I've got one of these, too. A gallery made for posting slightly kinky things with the purpose of inspiring others to do their own kinky things. It's kinky, but I try to keep the images themselves non-explicit in general. There's nothing here that you haven't already seen on Windstone or Sunstone, though. But if you've got an account there, feel free to watch me here.
[Travisuped @ Youtube] - I love Youtube! I watch a TON of videos here. But I don't post that many at all. When I do, it's video game related, or something to do with computers or my art in general. Feel free to share funny, goofy, cartoony, or video-game-y stuff with me here, and I'll probably watch you if you're good at it or show me a lot of it! But spare me overly violent stuff, or I'll grow to distrust you immensely. I consider Happy Tree Friends to be my ENEMY in entertainment media, for example. I don't like stuff like that.
[Travisuped @ Blip.tv] - On the other hand, I don't really love Blip.tv. But! It's a great service! Chances are, I might take to uploading videos of me drawing stuff here. Right now there's nothing there, but it can't hurt to take a look.
[Retl @ Anime-Planet] - I LOVE animation! But animation has to be done right to rub me the right way. Fortunately, there's a surprisingly large base of anime these days to sate my desire for colorful, cute, lively motion! Here, you can check out anime I've watched and am watching, as well as graphic novels and translated manga that I'm into. I keep it up to date, so far, but it's relatively new to me.
[Retl @ GoodReads] - Had an interest in reading and writing kick back up all of a sudden, so now I've got myself a GoodReads profile to keep up with book suggestions, what I have read and intend to read, and that kind of thing for when I go to libraries or bookstores.
[Travisuped @ TegakiE] - I have a Tegaki, but I'm no good at using it at all. My account is mostly abandoned, but I check in on occasion.
[Travisuped @ PixelJoint] - I signed up for PixelJoint expecting to work with other people familiar with pixel art and improve my work so that I could make better graphics for games. Unfortunately, I just never found my pacing for pixel art (yet). Mostly abandoned, this may change sometime.
[Travisuped @ Newgrounds] - I've only ever submitted one thing here. It was quickly blammed. I probably also submitted some music at some point, but I frankly don't even remember or care. More importantly, did I mention I like funny stuff? You can check out my favorites list there to find more stuff kinda like the humor I like, or you can contact me there. I don't log in very often, but I DO still go there from time to time.
[Travisuped @ dMusic][(Profile Here)] - I used to do music! Most of that is over on Sheezyart, though. But here's a dMusic page I had for a brief while Currently abandoned..
[Travisuped @ LastFM] - I have a very very hard time finding music I like that didn't come from videogames. I joined LastFM to see if I could fix that... It didn't really work. But it's there if you want to check it out. I'm not very active here at all, but I still log in from time to time.
[Travisuped @ DrawHere] - DrawHere is kinda like street grafitti, but legal and less insulting and destructive to property! Abandoned.
[Retl @ Tumblr] - I've got a Tumblr too! Don't use it that often. But mainly because I'd rather post over to Status.net than Tmblr.
[Retl @ FormSpring] - Just made this 17 Sep 2010. I'm not totally sure what it's for, but hopefully it'll be fun and all.
[Travisuped @ LiveJournal] - Yep, it's my LJ. I update it whenever with whatever.
[KiloStory @ LiveJournal] - When I used to be into RP and MUDding for a brief while, I had a LOT of alt characters. I made this community to group together different in-character stories from the perspectives of all my characters. Abandoned now, I haven't ruled out the idea of writing things here.
[Kilo @ Multiplicity] - I'm only here because of the Inflatable Anime Alpha group. This isn't a very good way to get in contact with me.
[Travisuped @ GaiaOnline] - I don't really even remember how I ended up on this site. It's abandoned.
[Travisuped @ StumbleUpon] - I don't use it that much since I switched to Google Chrome, but I think StumbleUpon is totally worth trying out at least once for any net-savvy person.
[Travisuped @ Google Code] - I signed up here to give feedback on projects on Google Code. If I ever get a worthy enough project going developed myself, I may bring it here.
[Travisuped's Google Profile] - I like and trust Google. Here's my profile. Nothing too interesting, though.
[Travisuped @ Xfire] - I love video games. You knew that, right? But I'm not that much of a PC gamer. I use this sometimes, but I generally use Gfire to connect.
[Travisuped @ Capcom Unity] - I joined during a drive for a Monster Hunter Tri contest. I don't really use my account for much, though.
[Retl @ Screwattack] - Yep, I'm over on Screwattack too! Surprised? My account is mainly there to rate the videos I like. That's about it.
[Travisuped @ VideoBomb] - I was there. Abandoned.
[Travisuped @ Flashcard Exchange] - I don't have any cards here. Yet.
[Travisuped @ KeyBR] - For a typing tutor, I did pass a pretty good downtime in High School with this thing a good while ago.